A&D - Dorado Joint Venture LLP has been awarded a 48 month (3 years of which are option years) 100 million dollar max, MACC (Multiple Award Construction Contract).  The award was given by one of A&D's very valued customers "NAVFAC" Southwest.  A&D has enjoyed a very successful, long standing relationship with NAVFAC and considers them one of their most valuable clients.
NAVFAC uses the "Performance Based" contracting method. This type of contracting method sifts through many contractors, and after an extensive pre-qualification process, only the "cream" rise to the top. A&D-Dorado Joint Venture LLP was one of 5 contractors selected. 
"We are looking forward to another successful four years of partnering with NAVFAC," Andrew Otero said. "Our teams are very professional and mesh well together. Everyone that works for them is knowlegable and knows their job well which makes this partnership result in very successful projects time and time again."

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