The NOSC at Luke AFB is moving full steam ahead!   Due to the complicated roof, there were some initial delays so the project team is working hard to make up this time. Larry Bouchard, Senior PM and Head of all Field Operations, is confident that the time will be made up and the project will be completed on schedule.  

Preparations are already being made for a very large production, high profile ribbon cutting ceremony. Because of all that has gone into this project that is far beyond the requirements of the RFP, it has caught the attention of many high ranking people including the press, and others. A&D GC Inc. will be very proud to put this project on their portfolio of Award Winning projects.

Linnea Brudenell of Green Ideas along with Al Pourian, A&D VP, have just completed an extensive analysis on how the project is tracking in regards to our LEED Platinum certification. They expressed their confidence on how things are looking to date, and feel that LEED Platinum will in fact be accomplished upon project completion. The RFP required LEED Silver, A&D raised the stakes to LEED Gold as part of their proposal, then after receiving award, decided to raise the stakes even higher. Through careful budget planning and innovative design, they have raised the level of certification to LEED Platinum! Energy models and simulations for the building have been used extensively over numerous iterations to generate reliable predictions for energy savings both in terms of cost and energy usage.

"This has been a team effort between NAVFAC, Captain Flaherty, the end user, and the A&D/Tectonics' team," according to Andrew Otero, President of A&D. "We feel good about turning over a building that reaches such a high level of sustainable design. This building will begin saving the government money the minute it goes into operation."  

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