LOCATION: Phoenix, Arizona

  NOSC building at Luke AFB

NOSC provides operational training and administrative support for the Navy Reserve mission-capable units and individuals throughout the full range of operations during peacetime and war. The Navy Reserve represents 20% of the Navy's total assets and is a significant force multiplier that has growing global commitments in which the fleet has to meet.

The new NOSC building at Luke AFB is designed to accommodate full-time command and administrative staff, a medical unit, and over 400 reservists during drill weekends. The design strives to provide an enduring and unique character that is elegant, straight forward, esthetically pleasing, and harmonious with the natural setting. Emphasis is placed upon durability, operational efficiency, sustainability, and low maintenance of materials and systems expected to perform for 50 years.

Besides providing a highly functional environment
developed with extensive user input , the NOSC has been designed to be an exemplary model of sustainability for the Navy. Notable features include a 60kW Photovoltaic solar array for on-site renewable energy, an active digital metering exhibit inter-connected to the electric and water meters that displays in real time the current water and energy savings of the building, and a robust thermal envelope for the building. The project team used an integrated approach to design with the intentions of earning the highest level of LEED-NC v2.2 certification possible given the budget, timeline and location. The project has been certified as  LEED Platinum .

The project features 35,000 SF, CMU walls with steel beam construction, standing seam roof, and all ATFP. Many elegant features - to many to list - were added to the interior to create a sense of pride for the reservist that will be using this building. Tours by our entire design/build team along with the end user (Captain Flaherty) were conducted at other NOSC facilities (including the newly built one in New Mexico) in order to have a better understanding of its uses and gain new ideas. Our ultimate goal was to design and build the best NOSC facility ever built.

Project Value: $11,188,207.00