LOCATION: Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton San Diego California
COMPLETION DATE: February 2012

  Recruit Marksmanship Training Facility

This design/build project provides a single-story facility for the Weapons Field Training Battalion and marksmanship training for Marine Recruits at Camp Pendleton. The project is located at the Edson Range, an area of Camp Pendleton that has many ranges and other facilities set aside for marksmanship training. The RMTF will be of permanent construction and designed to have a minimum life expectancy of 50 years.  

The facility provides three distinct components including Marksmanship Training Units (MTUs), Academic Instruction Section (AIS) classrooms, and Range Company (RC) offices. These functions will be accommodated in three separate buildings but tied architecturally into a single facility, with the main focus being the MTUs where recruits will receive indoor simulated marksmanship training.

This architectural design strives to provide an enduring and unique character that is rugged, straight forward, esthetically pleasing, and harmonious within the natural setting. Emphasis is placed upon durability, operational efficiency, sustainability, and low maintenance of materials and systems.

The RMTF has been designed to be an exemplary model of sustainability for the Navy by producing enough on-site renewable energy (185 kW solar PV) for a net-zero electric building. Net-zero electric buildings generate as much electric energy as they consume through efficient technologies and on-site power generation. This will prove the viability and early start of achieving the Navyís goal to have 50% of the Navyís total energy consumption for shore installations from alternative sources by 2020. Other notable features include an active digital metering exhibit inter-connected to the electric and water meters that will display in real time the current water and energy savings of the building, and a robust thermal envelope for the building.  

Building Area: 24,951 SF           Cost:  $12,263,685.62

LEED Status:  Platinum              Solar:  Net Zero