LOCATION: Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton San Diego California

  BEQ Building 41371

This A&D Design/Build Project/Adventure is to renovate and repair the Bachelor Enlisted Quarters (BEQ) at the Marine Corp Base at Camp Pendleton (MCBCP). It involves an existing building which currently being used as a housing for the Marines 1st Low Aerial Reconnaissance (1st LAR) personnel in training and stationed at MCBCP.
The building is a 46,410 sq. ft., 3 story motel style masonry structure constructed in the mid 1980s. The cost of replacement exceeded the cost of estimated renovations by more than 50%. The foundation and building are structurally sound and the building has not exhibited distress from natural environmental occurrences like Earthquakes or Weathering.

The facility had deteriorated beyond reasonable repair and required a full restoration. The project involves all new plumbing, electrical and mechanical replacement to bring it up to current comfortable life safety and health standards. A base standard approved roof facade with an additional 50KW Photo Voltaic system and inverter unit and Smart Meter connected to the electrical distribution system (new) were added.

The Mechanical building 410371 services two BEQ buildings and received new Domestic and HHW boilers, storage tanks, circulating pumps and water treatment equipment, including a new Eyewash station. One of the challenges of this project was to keep service to the neighboring BEQ 41372 during construction while replacing the mechanical equipment.

The scope of work includes:
-Abatement and remediation of the hazardous materials; Asbestos and Lead paint.
-Demolition and replacement of all exterior windows and doors and hardware with thermally-efficient, ATFP-compliant aluminum framed window units, with integral window blinds. New steel doors with motel style programmable vertical swipe card reader entry systems were installed in restored hollow metal frames which were grouted into the CMU. This gave a hefty credit back to the Government for other improvements.
-A new standing seem metal pitched roof supported by new steel trusses with room for suspension of new mechanical fans below for supply and ventilation and support for the photo voltaic panels above.
-Complete interior renovation of all walls, ceilings and floor finishes and new cabinetry casework and solid surface counter tops with solid surface showers and lavatories.
-Design and installation of a new wet pipe fire suppression protection system.
-Design and installation of New Fire Alarm and Mass Notification systems and a cell repeater for boosting personnel phone signal strengths.
-Energy efficiency upgrades including additional insulation, furred out walls and a complete new roof insulation. Replacement of exterior doors and windows with thermally-efficient metal doors and insulated.
- New DDC digital controls to the boilers and mechanical systems.
-A 50 KW Photo-Voltaic system with modern PV panels mounted on the roof and an inverter and smart meter tied into the electrical grid.
-A new Picnic and BBQ area was designed and built. It has a shade roof structure located just to the east of the existing Basketball Court and has 2 gas-fired grilles and 2 charcoal grills and a serving area. The design team and A&D collaborated with the client to design what best suited their current needs.
-The project involves new offices for command, recreational rooms and quiet rooms, laundry equipment and materials to minimize maintenance, maximize energy efficiency and LEED points, increase durability, etc., to the greatest extent possible
The end result of these upgrades and improvements are to bring the facility up to NAVFAC standards and into the 21st century. The buildings overall appearance, usability and efficiency are going to be greatly improved.

Project Value: $ 10,375,000.00 with FF&E included