sustainable design & construction
At A&D GC Inc. Zero incidences - every year - is a reality!

A culture of safety is ingrained in each and every A&D General Contracting, Inc., employee from the very first day on the job. Both a source of pride and priority throughout the organization, A&D’s safety efforts are always at the forefront of all actions—whether on the project site brainstorming the best approach to a particularly challenging installation or at the office guiding overall operations. Both the steadfast pledge to our employees’ well-being and the value we place on our relationship with each subcontractor partner, inspire us to maintain the highest expectations for safety, health and environment on all A&D projects undertaken. 

A&D’s full-time Safety Director is entrusted with instilling a sense of personal ownership companywide, which ultimately achieves the mission of creating the safest possible conditions that will protect and preserve people, property and the surrounding environment. Based on the philosophy that occupational injuries and illnesses can be prevented, at A&D we believe that a “Zero Incident” goal is achievable and have maintained a stellar zero-incident rate since the inception of A&D GC, Inc. 
Committing Resources and Support to Promote Strong Safety Culture
Dedication, communication, knowledge, responsibility and accountability infused in each A&D team member play a crucial role in the success of our safety program. In addition, A&D’s committed team of safety professionals is always available to mentor and assist our subcontractors, client staff and in-house personnel. Open channels of communication that focuses on a unified team effort have resulted in a proactive approach to problem solving throughout the company. At A&D, a well-planned project that spotlights a tailored safety plan encompassing even the minutest details—not just “checking the boxes”—helps ensure safety is firmly entrenched in every aspect of the construction process. 

A&D’s pledge is to commit the right resources and support to ensure growth and continuous improvements that effectively create and manage a strong safety culture throughout the organization. More than a generic, off-the-shelf document, a comprehensive yet easily understood safety program developed specifically for A&D is required to be followed by anyone and everyone who steps foot on our job site. This commitment even encompasses a 100 percent buy-in from our subcontractor partners—no exceptions.