sustainable design & construction
Setting the Bar for Sustainability

At A&D, incorporating energy- and cost-effective sustainable strategies that reduce negative impacts on the environment is much more than a directive seeking certifications for our clients’ buildings. Taking the initiative to implement sustainable design and construction methods into all the projects we undertake, even if it’s not a mandatory requirement, reflects A&D’s continuing pursuit of excellence.

We believe that delivering an integrated high-performance building is attainable for every project. A majority of A&D assignments feature energy-producing photovoltaic systems made possible by offering construction clients creative ways to absorb minimal initial investment costs, which then enables us to deliver renewable energy systems our clients may not have thought possible—including achieving net-zero energy consumption on some facilities.

A&D’s Track Record as Industry Trailblazers
Every A&D project must include a recycling element as part of an overall strategy for sustainability and today the company is well within reach of attaining its long-term goal of 75 percent recycling on each job site.

Examples of going above and beyond are numerous such as recycling 100% of demolished concrete buildings into structural fill for a new facility or leveraging sustainable building solutions that elevated client’s initially-sought LEED certification to the next level—from Silver to Gold or Gold to Platinum—without incurring additional building costs. With a track record as industry trailblazers, A&D is also proud to be the first small business to have delivered a LEED Platinum-certified project to the US Navy.

From vast photovoltaic solar arrays that reduce dependence on fossil fuels to specifying low-water/drought-tolerant landscaping that saves as much as 50 percent in water usage, A&D has programmed these and other energy-impacting ideas that promote greater environmental responsibility into all of its design and construction assignments.